Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's not so bad

Was drawing with a friend of mine on a paintchat and I drew a profile of a guy w/ a pony tail. We laughed that it looked like Baek Ho and I turned it into him. Decided to go for a more simplistic feel and didn't give him muscles. I can't friggin draw muscles! I kinda like how Baek Ho looks. I don't know if I'd get him, though. I know alot of Telos dislikes him, but I don't hate him. He has a nice character design. Was listening to Eminem's Stan on repeat (switching between the original version with Dido and Eminem and the version from some award show (don't remember atm) with Elton John and Eminem.) I like rap that has a meaning and not just about sex and that crap.

Anyway, its 1:54 just now and I have a party to go to tomorrow. I might not get a chance to log onto GE. Been busy the past few days.



  1. OOOOH, It kinda looks like a calligraphy painting.

    I personally like Baek as a character, and he has one of the most kickass japanese voices~ But his face looks kinda weird every time I see it. xD

  2. Nice work, Ide! :D

    But of course, I still hate Baked Hoe. 8D


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