Saturday, February 28, 2009

- And now we're back.

Back from skiing :) Was fun. Really really fancy resort, it kinda reminded me of Clue and a mix of Holiday Inn. A lota nice and worn leather couches and stuff...the 2nd day I had delicious salmon with duchess potatoes...even if it was expensive, it was soooooooo worth it. Best salmon I've had in a long time.

Currently I have a somewhat large bruise forming on my arm, below my elbow but on the inside of the elbow...not the part that points out. My dad wiped out in front of me and I was gonna stop near him but it was too late to stop and I ended up tripping over his skis and knocked both of my skis off and ended up hitting my arm on his skis. I did a hardcore barrel roll except on the ground lol 8D. My dad feels guilty I'm prolly not gonna show him the bruise :p

It was really fun to ski again, though. Kinda too bright though with the snow x_o. It snowed 5 inches on the last day and it had the high of 17 degrees. The weekend is expected to be -17 but eh, I wont be there so it doesn't really matter to me :).

Really sore in total though, we did a ton of walking on this trip. It was fun to do something with my sister and dad, though.

Not much GE to report, although, I'm currently waiting on a ticket related to premium treasure service...grrrr. Prolly will be a few days til I get a response, or I'll be juggled around to different apartments.

I hope you guys don't mind me posting a song with my blogs...? It's kinda fun, I guess? Ehh...

That's all I have to report for now.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Chill out music...which is most of the music I listen to, so wutev. Don't really bother watching the movie :v

Sleepy Wednesday I go skiing til friday. So yea...wont be on. Haven't really done much to mention on SOTNW, I might upload some screenies later but I'm really tired atm and don't want to bother sorting things out. I'm over my cold, it was a 3/4 day thing :v

mm..I hope things get better. That's all for now.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This song is damn hard. orz.

I recently have been more active and also..I think I have a cold or somethin. I was running a low fever the previous day and I've taken about 2 naps now lololololol Might go back for the third.

Don't really got much to say on this... uhh recently started premium treasure service.

kk back to sleep


Monday, February 9, 2009

In Memories There's Only You and I

Been playing DJMAX Portable lately which is srsly addictive. All of them have a MV to them which is honestly really beautiful and inspiring to me :) I don't really know why I'm still online...but w/e.

I'm gonna be more active on GE, although I'm not really able to AFK due to these DCs -_- but I'll try logging on every day and I might start up CW again. Sorry I've been so inactive, I really...just needed a break :D. Today(tonight?) I was talking on a telos voicechat with Armesto, Kimi, Kumi, Raku and Warlust :). You guys needa get mics though...Raku, Armesto, and I were the only people speaking LOL. And Raku left kinda fast D8. SO yeah, MIC OR BUST.

Drew this yesterday/today but..I KEEP DRAWING THINGS WAY. TOO. SMALL. Ughhh D8<
Gemini 8). It's not GE related, but w/e I wanted to add a picture D8<

Ah..also. Missed house thanks to Obama >:/ Apparently only the West coast got it because it was already too late in the east (because of Fox News @ 10.) orz.

Soon to be active,
Elegant de BlogMundi