Monday, February 9, 2009

In Memories There's Only You and I

Been playing DJMAX Portable lately which is srsly addictive. All of them have a MV to them which is honestly really beautiful and inspiring to me :) I don't really know why I'm still online...but w/e.

I'm gonna be more active on GE, although I'm not really able to AFK due to these DCs -_- but I'll try logging on every day and I might start up CW again. Sorry I've been so inactive, I really...just needed a break :D. Today(tonight?) I was talking on a telos voicechat with Armesto, Kimi, Kumi, Raku and Warlust :). You guys needa get mics though...Raku, Armesto, and I were the only people speaking LOL. And Raku left kinda fast D8. SO yeah, MIC OR BUST.

Drew this yesterday/today but..I KEEP DRAWING THINGS WAY. TOO. SMALL. Ughhh D8<
Gemini 8). It's not GE related, but w/e I wanted to add a picture D8<

Ah..also. Missed house thanks to Obama >:/ Apparently only the West coast got it because it was already too late in the east (because of Fox News @ 10.) orz.

Soon to be active,

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  1. I KNOW. D:<
    Nice drawing! Interesting song. :o


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