Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Click for larger size. Its decently large.

Was posing with Almontri using Celsia, Halcyone and Iverson. (p.s. iversons whipped ;o)

Today wasn't as good as I hoped, I woke up with another headache (for the past..4 days now, I've been sleeping very poorly (constantly waking up) or waking up with a headache.) and huge icicles outside of my window. Dangerous & large, but it has a higher chance of hitting bushes rather than the kiddos next door. I really didn't do much on GE, but todays the 2nd day (I think...) of my pets egg. I got Audley 55% to 100 and Halcyone is like 15% to 100. I wish maint wasn't so late, prolly gonna end up sleeping and be unable to afk over night...sucks. I also wish CW wasn't so damn late as well. Oh well.

Listening to portishead right now, which is like..triphop and abit of a jazz element to it. Eh, here. If any of you have last.fm feel free to add it. Taewa@Last.fm


10THINGS I WOULD DO TO ED(uardo or edward)
as requested!
  1. luv him
  2. hug him
  3. make him breakfast
  4. caress him
  5. bake him brownies ^_^
  6. watch anime with him ^_^
  7. be supa kawaii together ^_^
  8. luv him
  9. hug him
  10. luv him




  1. Such passionate love to Ed, TEEHEE

    Hmm I'd make my list on what to do with Garcia (if I.. ever.. get him [never lol]) but this already explains my motives LULZ.

  2. Your list of "10THINGS I WOULD DO TO ED(uardo or edward) is what I would do to Beth Gibbons of Portishead.

  3. .....D: DAMN YOU WARLUST. He is poison to your mind Ide, pooissssooonnn. Yay you posted us! :3
    Sulli, Zan and Mari say thanks.


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