Monday, January 19, 2009

Yo. I'm Idemair, I like apple flavored drinks, MMORPGs (which is actually more of a love-hate relationship.) music, manga and anime. (more so manga) I like to consider myself to be easy to get along with, so if you ever see me in game feel free to throw a Hi at me. :) ah..and I have a really good memory for lyrics. orz.

Uh...My favorite manga would be one of these three (I'm extremely indecisive...) Jyu Oh Sei, Terra E (SOLDIER BLUEEEE ♥♥♥) and Fruits Basket. As for animu, I really really love Higurashi and any of the .hack//franchise.

Eh,...I apologize, this isn't much of SOTNW related is it? But I guess its alright, considering its a introduction. I'll show you my main team :)

left to right: Halcyone, Audley, Iverson.

uh...with this blog I'll prolly upload some GE related art too. So...that'll wrap it up for todays post.


  1. Yo, Ide! Nice to see ya, and your unrealistically tan Scout. @.@

  2. Ah, you're a Terra E fan? I have a friend from college who was really into it. So dramatic.... (Oh, I'm Astell, by the way.)

  3. @Shride

    @ Astell
    Ahh yes :D I love Terra E! good manga, in my opinion.



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