Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Status Report

Hey, still haven't been on SOTNW in a....while. I don't think I'll be going on much until things sort out with my family or even until we get a update with SOTNW. It's not because I don't have time- I have too much of that, I just...really feel disheartened. lolhowemo.

I had a rant but realized the situation has cleared itself up...I guess.

Really don't have anything else to say. If I start to feel better about the situation going on I might return :) It's just too much as it is right now.

Better days,



    Lol, sorry. I read the title of the song and had to say that. Sounds perverted.

    Yeah, ever since the clan disbanded we're all feeling a little emo. All we can really do is to just move on. Most of us are still in touch so technically it doesn't really feel like we disbanded. We just don't have the tag at the end of our names and there's no more green text. xD

    *sits with you in a corner and /wrists*

  2. *takes away sharp objects and throws you two out into the sunshine*
    *smacks Dairy for being so weird lately*
    Dairy is his new nickname. 8D

    I've got a groupchat up. Dairy, Astell, Kimi, Mis...other newish members you probably haven't met, lol..PM me if you wanna join. :)

  3. I'd join, Al, but I can't leave the one I'm in right now.


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