Monday, April 6, 2009

dear us

Man, things are sadder than I ever expected. Telos is now broken, I've gotten frustrated with it a few times, didn't think it'd really affect me when the inevitable happened (I say inevitable because no clan lasts forever, not because Telos wasn't good enough.) I kinda wish we could all stay together, but we probably need to branch out and experience new clans as sad as that sounds. We could most likely keep in touch via group chat, but from experience, relations tend to die fast if you're not in the same clan (oh god I'm negative.)

So...I'm sad to not share a clan name with you guys anymore. I don't think we could have as entertaining conversations as we did in Telos much of anywhere else. I've had many frustrating moments in Telos, but I've had more than enough of pleasant moments with you all. I'm sad to say I saw this coming in the last few months, but...que sera, sera.

Guess I'll dedicate some words to various people lol.

Misericordiia - Hey, thanks for making Telos and in return making some great memories, I think I speak for everyone in saying it was a fun and great clan. I'm sorry you got harassed as a result of making Telos, but I think it was worth it, hmm? You've helped me a lot, I don't think I could ever repay you. (I'm poor ;A; loljk.)

Warlust - zomg waradio ;_; You're a really awesome person and really fun to play the game with! I remember one day you totally made my day 100% better with waradio, heh. We haven't talked much lately, but I hope you know you're awesome :'D.

Astell - lol I remember I thought you were a girl at first (sorry!!) and even the leader of Telos (I was a nub okay?! ;A;) It was fun going through the Katovic Snowfield, I didn't want to leave (but had to eventually...) Your dedication to Mia is cute, every time I see a Mia I think of you immediately. (have some IRL Mia! ) also, frogs \o/~

TD3 - Haha, it seems I got to see many sides of you :) A serious, a sad, a happy/funny side. You're a really cool person even if you havent been on much. Good luck with stuff, eh? Keep being awesome \m/

Almontri - LEGOSLEGOSLEGOS. Sorry I kept bugging you with my GE pairings and with a sometimes short temper. Hope we can keep in contact, get tf2 so we can play together. :) And no worries on the guy thing, a ton of people think that. I guess I'm a tad tomboyish? ?_? (I'll give ya my steam account on gmail or somethin'.)

Kimiaru - COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH. JKILU. You're so cute ;_; MY HIGURASHI BUDDY <3 hauuuuu~

D'arwyn - omgursoawesomeilookuptoyou! You're a really great artist and have a great personality hahaa. We need to draw soon :) I always admired how you leveled characters you personally, liked. Not characters that you knew to be strong. hi5 \o

Hirojinn - lmao YOUUUUUU. You're awesome despite being a pervy little...:p actually that just made you even more awesome. Thanks for lightening the mood in clan, haven't seen you around lately though...orz.

Rakuru - You always gave me a o_o and o_O whenever I said something weird. H8 U. JKILU4EVAR.

Shride - YOU ROCK TOO.

omg running out of stuff to say, i just woke up so dont feel bad plsss ;_;


ps ilu missus lusseus


Lately I haven't gone on GE much, I apologize. Life hasn't been quite as great as I wanted and very stressful as of late. I've been playing more TF2 than I have GE. Both of my friends whom I played to play another MMO with them have quit GE which kinda...killed it for me which is kinda depressing.

Enough for now, farewell Telos.



  1. Ide! Yeah. I'm kind of bummed about this, but so it goes, I suppose. Neither of us have been active much recently, but whether in game or elsewise, we ought to keep in touch. Maybe we'll meet at an anime con sometime... ^_^


  2. @ Mooferz

    Aww :/ we'll all keep in touch in one way or another...! and that'd be cool! +_+


    Legooooos. Tf22222222.

  4. maybe after everyone has a more stable schedule,

    Telos will be back and stronger than before.

    Join the group chat, Ide. =)

  5. late to find things out...Oh well, cya all online soon (I hope).


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